Quality Assured Welding Wires to the Welding Industry

IABCO Standard Alloys - MIG, TIG and SUBMERGED ARC welding wires

The IABCO welding wire product range comprises in excess of 100 wire analyses manufactured as MIG/TIG and SUB-ARC welding wire.

  • IABCO has several thousand tonnes of raw material stock available, held in Germany.
  • IABCO holds considerable stocks of finished product within the UK.
  • IABCO offers welding wire grades that can be produced in several hundred variations of spool type, packaging options, stamping etc.
  • IABCO uses only the best and purest raw materials guaranteeing, where temper embrittlement is an issue in petrochemical plant, Low X Factor (Bruscato Factor) weld metal.
  • IABCO operates tight control of trace elements, that impinge on grain boundaries, producing clean, high purity weld deposits.
  • IABCO welding wire products are manufactured to comply with recognised national and international quality assurance standards, including, TÜV, BV, DNV, GL, LRS, ISO and CE Mark.

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Cast Iron




High Temperature Alloys

Mild steel and low alloy

Nickel base alloys


Stainless steel


Welding strip