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IABCO China - MIG, TIG and SUBMERGED ARC welding wire supplier

I.A.Barnes & Co Ltd (IABCO) would like to notify our China customers, that Hawson (or Hansen or Haosen) E&M (Shanghai) Co Ltd. 灏森机电(上海)有限公司 do not represent I.A.Barnes & Co Ltd, or the IABCO brand, in China and that we do not supply any products to Hawson / Hansen / Haosen.

The official representative and exclusive distributor of I.A.Barnes & Co Ltd (IABCO) for China is:
Wuhan Xinchengdayuan Welding Consumables Co Ltd
Optics Valley Avenue 303, Wuhan City Optics Valley Core Center
Wenxin Building, Room 101
Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone
Contact person: Mr He Ziyuan (General Manager)
Tel: +86 (0)27 87440765 / 65522259 / 65522660
Mobile: +86 13907163820
Email: ziyuan.he2009@163.com

Mandy Barnes, Sales & Operations Director, I.A.Barnes & Co Ltd, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1438 354872
Email: mandy@iabco.co.uk