Quality Assured Welding Wires to the Welding Industry

IABCO Special Alloys

Steels continue to be developed to accommodate the new demands and requirements of the power generation, petrochemical, off-shore, gas and oil transmission industries. IABCO works alongside clients developing welding wires to correspond with these demands, and invests in casts to enable quantities of welding wire consumables to be supplied from the early stages of a project.  IABCO analyses are frequently copied, but seldom bettered.

Special welding wires are typically required for the most demanding and critical applications. IABCO has available a facility for producing small controlled melts, for example products for welding P91, P92, FV520 and IABCO special alloys not readily available as standard commercial wires.

A number of IABCO wires started out as a ‘specials’ and, over time, became standard commercial grades.  Examples are the P91 and P92 which are now produced as large commercial melts. 

Some years ago, IABCO expanded its range of ‘specials’ to include stainless steels and can now offer both standard duplex (ER2209) and superduplex (ER2594) solid wire, both of which are widely used in the oil and gas industries.

The newest range of solid wires introduced by IABCO are high the temperature alloys, 21.33, 25.35 and 35.45, used in the petrochemical industry

Should you have an enquiry for an unusual or new type analysis, send us an enquiry and we will be happy to review.