Quality Assured Welding Wires to the Welding Industry

IABCO Quality Assurance and Quality Control

IABCO believes strongly in quality and the quality control of products and holds recognised quality assurance certification according to national and international standards, for example, ISO 9001 and EN 13479.

IABCO operates a rigorous Quality Management System and supplies all products fully certified with full source lot traceability. Quality Records run all the way back to the date of the establishment of the company in1982. It is not unusual for IABCO to be called upon to demonstrate the traceability of a wire through the records held - a necessary requirement for nuclear applications, for example.

At both the warehouse in Stevenage, and at the manufacturing plant in Germany, quality control is paramount. There are systems in place that incorporate an extremely comprehensive number of quality controls, from the selection of raw material through the entire production process to final inspection and labelling.

Quality Control operatives are permanently employed at the mill whose sole responsibility is checking for conformance to and adherence to the customer purchase order, and relevant national/international standards.