Quality Assured Welding Wires to the Welding Industry

IABCO History - Suppliers of welding wire since 1982

IABCO was established in 1982 by Ian Barnes and is, today, recognised as a leading supplier of solid welding wire to the welding industry.

Prior to establishing the company, Ian Barnes had a career spanning over 20 years with GKN Lincoln Electric. During Ian’s time with GKN Lincoln, working alongside the chief metallurgists of one of the largest engineering companies at that time, he developed a range of submerged arc wire analyses that would rely on a basic flux. This new breed of wires became known as engineered wires and paved the way for what have become standard products available today.  Ian was then appointed Group Commercial Manager for welding wires and the wire division became one of the most important wire drawing mills in the UK. In 1981 the wire division was sold and the site closed and sold for re-development.

Over the years Ian Barnes had contact with Henning Fliess of Hermann Fliess & Co GmbH and at the time of the closure of the GKN site, a friendship and partnership was initiated that combined the product and market knowledge of Ian, with the manufacturing capability of the Fliess Company.  Hermann Fliess & Co GmbH is now run by the fourth generation of the Fliess family, Alexander Fliess.

The development of the business continues. IABCO is now run by Ian’s daughter, Mandy Barnes, who has in excess of 25 years in the welding industry and who has helped to increase the product range allowing IABCO to offer one of the largest range of quality assured welding wire available today.